Orkney Folk Festival

January 18, 2017SHARE:

Today at noon it was announced that we are headed to the legendary Orkney Folk Festival this May. Couldn't be more excited. More info about the line up here. Photo by Lieve Boussauw

Official Showcase Artist Folk Alliance 2017

November 1, 2016SHARE:

Excited to announce that we will be one of Folk Alliance International's official showcasing artists this year. Looking forward to hearing and sharing lots of great music in February! Check out the whole list here. Photo by Lieve Boussauw


October 14, 2016SHARE:

HI! The Pledge Music campaign is over.

WOW. Thank you, thank you, thank you for coming through for us in such a massive way. We are so fortunate to have such an amazing support network. We know how lucky we are.

We're so excited to share this music with you!

PLEDGE MUSIC - Going into overtime

September 28, 2016SHARE:

Laura Cortese & the Dance Cards are going into overtime! We have received so much support and so much love during our Pledge Music campaign. We cannot thank you all enough! Here's the skinny: pledge music is allowing us to extend our campaign so we can reach 100% of our goal. We've included some new exclusive rewards to hopefully entice our patiently-abiding patrons out of the shadows.

So, our fine supporters and teammates! We're into overtime! Bust out your lucky underwear and cross your fingers and toes -- we're gonna nail it in the shootout. Thanks for sticking with us through it all. You are the best kind of people to have on our side. Thank-you for being here.

& the dance cards
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